There are several ways that software companies can make money, including:

Selling licenses: Companies can sell licenses to their software, either on a one-time basis or through subscription models.

Offering in-app purchases: Many software companies offer additional features or functionality through in-app purchases, which are available for a fee within the app.

Advertising: Some software companies generate revenue through advertising, either by displaying ads within the software or by selling access to their user base to advertisers.

Providing services: Many software companies also offer services related to their software, such as consulting, training, or support. These services can generate significant revenue for the company.

Partnering with other companies: Software companies can also make money by partnering with other companies and integrating their products or services into their own software.

It's important to note that different business models will work better for different types of software and companies. It's up to the software company to determine the best way to monetize their product.

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